VERONICA filler: fillers with "invisible" intervention and the most natural result possible. VERONICA fillers allow you to instantly restore volume and contour the face without creating the effect of hypercorrection in dynamic active zones.

all products are based on Hyaluronic Acid of European production and pharmacological
purity class.

veronica fillers

volume replenishment
elimination of small wrinkles
skin quality improvement
All products of the VERONICA filler line have special linking technology, which allows to increase the efficiency of Hyaluronic Acid chains thanks to the technological process of cross-linking.
The most spherical particle shape is obtained and a uniform particle distribution and size are achieved due to:
– High level of homogenization of cross connections;
– Uniform cross-links without zones of increased or decreased concentration;
This technology forms a gel with maximum efficiency in terms of mechanical characteristics and durability with a minimum content of BBDE, which reduces the possibility of adverse events during and after the procedure.
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