Cannula threads made for safe and effective lifting and support of saggy skin. Designed to remove fine and deep wrinkles in the face, body and double chin.

veronica mesothreads

veronica meso threads:
PDO (polydioxanone)
– Volumizing on different areas of the face
– Elimination of wrinkles on the neckline, chest and neck
– Eliminating wrinkles on the forehead and naso labial folds
– Elimination of skin laxity and ptosis of the lower areas
indications for use:
– Long-lasting effect due to the dense structure of the thread
– Strengthens tissues, reduces the skin flap.
– Atraumatic cannula allows you to minimize pain during the installation of threads.
Molding 18g w cannula
Cog 18g w cannula
Cog 19g w cannula
Mesothreads in the Veronica line:
correction of gravitational ptosis of face
Rejuvenation of the periorbital area
lip sculpturing
breast and butt lifting
skin quality improvement
Mesothread implantation actively stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, as well as the emergence of new connective tissue. This is due to the response of the immune system to a foreign body.
This process promotes rejuvenation, providing a tightening effect and improving skin condition.
threads form a dense collagen lattice IN THE DERMIS. It has the effect of replenishing the volume of tissues. Due to the fixation of the threads in the tissues, there is an additional biorevitalizing effect.
The high-quality, flexible and durable cannula ensures an atraumatic procedure with minimal risk of side effects.
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