Our trainers
Dermatologist, cosmetologist of the highest category, certified trainer of the Filler Center company, author of his own methods for correcting age-related changes.
Over 15 years experience in cosmetology.
Altadukova Zoya Alekseevna
Kleshnina Ekaterina
• Winner of the award for the introduction of innovative techniques in the cosmetology of the Russian Federation;
• Judge of the championship in Cosmetology;
• Top Master by Profi Performance
• Winner of THE ICONIC Clean Reputation Award
• Holder of a Medical and Pedagogical license
• Trained more than 100 specialists
• Speaker of the international forum on Cosmetology THE ICONIC
• Member of the book - inspiring success stories
• Certified teacher of the brand Veronica
Artyom Frolovsky
Cosmetologist, with experience as head of the cosmetology department of the clinic of aesthetic medicine, business coach in cosmetology, author of the book “sales techniques in the cosmetology office”, author of the course “Algorithm for a selling consultation”, project manager of the Institute of Medical Management
Silaeva Kira Sergeevna
Cosmetologist, practicing specialist.
Certified Trainer at Filler Center

Specializes in hardware techniques, collagen inducing therapy, mesotherapy preparations, botulinum therapy, biorevitalization, contouring, thread lifting, all types of chemical peels, laser hardware technologies.
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